Be Better: Self-Improvement Month



It’s self-improvement month. All month long 🙂

As a studio we’re asking the girls to set goals to improve. Each dancer is at a different level and will need different things things to aspire to. Please check in with your dancer to make sure they’re aware of class goals and are setting personal goals. If you read the rest of this post, share what you learn (if any) with your dancers.

FWIW (for what it’s worth), I have to remind myself of these daily. Please add comments and thoughts to this post of things that help you. The end goal of this blog post is for everyone to help each other. It would be great to be a little better everyday. 

58969076341317486_J1UAIH8V_cRule.01: Set yourself up for success. It’s the oldest trick in the book but the most important. Goals are tough. They should be challenging, but they should be attainable. Set small achievable goals.

Rule.02: Be kind. Treat yourself the way you would treat your closest loved one. DO NOT punish yourself for a step in the wrong direction. Punishment is negative and is usually in addition to the natural consequence. You wouldn’t do it to your best friend or your spouse. Be kind to yourself. Learn from a mistake, plan how to avoid it in the future and let it go.

Rule.03: Celebrate success. Playing the humble card isn’t going to get you any points on this one. Be excited when you achieve your smallest goal. One of my personal goals this month is to focus on my nutrition and tighten up my diet. I for one am not a fan of drinking water. It’s a simple thing to drink enough water through out the day; however, it’s always easier said than done. Each day I drink enough water I’m a step closer to the end goal of treating my body better. I celebrate my success, add it to my tally and continue on.

Rule.04: Adjustment. In the past I’ve set a goal got half way into it, realized it wasn’t working like I had planned, and I give up. It’s difficult to admit my plan won’t work; that I wasn’t right. In the moment it seems my only option is to give up. Sometimes I accidentally go to the lengthens of setting myself back to where I started. I should be thinking of it as if I was running a 1/2 marathon. I get to mile 10 and realized my shoe was tied too tight. I stop, turn around and walk right back to the starting line. That would be ridiculous. The thing to do is to stop and fix your shoe lace (adjust) and continue on.

Rule.05: Start right now. Procrastination… Stay away from it. Realize that great things take time to achieve. The only thing that needs to be done today is starting, that’s the first step. Tomorrow, take another step. Procrastination prevents anything good from ever starting.

As you or your dancer(s) achieve goals, let me know! I want to talk about it. Positive conversations are a force that will propel all of us in the right direction.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier

Have a great week!


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